About Planter's Days

Woodland Planter's Days Since 1922

Woodland Planter's Days is a year 'round project. There is a timeline of things that need to be done. In August we have our first planning meeting for the following year. We decide our new President and other Officers and set out the agenda. In September, October, and November we set up the committees and search for an appropriate vehicle to raffle off. In December we hold a contest to chose the Theme. The contest winner is awarded a $100 check at the Woodland Winter Festival at Horseshoe Park. In January and February we choose the Princesses and get the tickets and posters for the ticket sales ready. The Princesses choose their wardrobes and tiaras. Pictures are taken for the posters and newspaper advertising. In March we begin attending Dinners and Luncheons introducing the new Princesses and selling tickets. Local merchants are supplied with tickets and posters and the fun begins. The Princesses attend the local parades and car shows and schedule ticket sales at local businesses with the car present.