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Why Does Chinese Medicine Work When Nothing Else Does?

It’s not that other things don’t work. It’s that you’ve finally gotten to here.

Chinese Medicine identifies how disease manifests in the body. Disease starts from nothing. The first event marks our spirit. Through repetition, we begin to have an emotional reaction to the event. Later, we attach our reasoning to the event to try and accept the situation. When our thought process gets out of control, this small event which happened so long ago in our spirit , manifests in our physical body.

For Chinese Medicine, the goal is to bring body back into balance. You know you are here when you are comfortable in your own skin. That is the spirit in Chinese Medicine – the ability to be comfortable in your own skin.

Western medicine uses pharmaceuticals and surgery to force the physical body to act in a different way.

Counseling uses our ability to use logic and reasoning to enable us to find tools to manage our behavior.

It’s not, “Why does Chinese Medicine work when nothing else does. It’s that you’ve finally gotten here. You’ve worked on the physical and the mental and now you are ready to work on the emotional and spiritual. This is the time to change a life that is not to the level you want it be, to change a life which lacks the internal joy, to change ourselves so that our emotions no longer master our world. Bringing the body back into balance is about finding internal peace.

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