Last October, WinnComm, LLC launched its SaaS platform called JagSuite. JagSuite family of solutions includes the JagChamber, JagAssociation, JagHOA and JagCMS solutions. The Jag platform is an all-in-one custom enterprise (ERP) SaaS solution that incorporates the following features: preprocess

• Members, donors or customers
• Events and sponsorships
• Email marketing
• Surveys
• Content management system (CMS)
• Ecommerce plugin
• Syncs to QuickBooks automatically

The JagSuite Framework is a “fork” of WinnComm’s JagCMS. Both solutions are developed with today's and tomorrow’s security threats in mind and is PCI-DSS compliant. The solution was developed by the WinnComm team in partnership with expert Julia Jordan, who has over 20 years of experience as a CEO of Chambers of Commerce and downtown associations. She is currently the CEO of the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

“I was so fed up with the current solutions that when I learned about WinnComm and JagCMS, it was a no-brainer to approach them about creating a new custom solution to meet the Chamber’s every need,” said Julia Jordan, CEO of the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce and Partner of the JagSuite Framework. “Every chamber needs to try the Jag difference!”

The following Chambers have been or are currently being onboarded:
• West Seattle Chamber
• Woodland Washington Chamber
• Enumclaw Chamber (in development)
• Auburn Area Chamber
• Ocean Shores Chamber (in development)
• Heppner Oregon Chamber (in development)
• Black Arizona Chamber (launching soon)
• SE Dallas Chamber (in development)
Others using the Jag platform include:
• Building Beyond the Walls
• Audiobook Ministries (launching soon)
• Pacific NW Coffee Café (in development)
• WinnComm, LLC
• JagChamber
• JagAssociation
• JagHOA
• JagCMS
• JagSuite

About WinnComm:
WinnComm, LLC is a public relations, marketing and development company (websites, mobile apps, software) that assists start-ups and existing businesses with launching new products or services from conception to market sustainability and anywhere in between. Our mission is to empower people and businesses to reach their goals and build their vision.


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