Issaquah, WA – March 20, 2020 – Many businesses, especially small businesses, restaurants and coffee shops, are devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures. Many are not prepared to sell their products and services online! This is where Jag Journey, LLC, developers behind the JagSuite digital marketing and web solution, comes in. Today,  utilizing Jag’s multi-vendor feature launched to help all businesses sell their products and services online for free. There are no sign-up costs, service fees or commissions through May.


“We have the ability to help every business in a small way by giving them the opportunity to sell their products and services online using Jag’s multi-vendor feature,” said Jim Couts, COO and Lead Developer of Jag Journey, LLC. “We’ve been telling businesses for years that they needed to build an online presence beyond a just a basic website and now unfortunately, they are hurting with the social distance measures. By building JagExchange, we are hoping businesses unable to sell their products and services online will have a chance.”

All companies who use our multi-vendor feature will need to sign-up for a Stripe account for payment processing and are subject to their processing fees. However, Jag will step them through signing up step-by-step. All generated sales will be deposited directly into the vendors bank accounts. They are responsible for collecting and reporting sale tax to the proper authorities in their state.


Steps to Selling Online:

Signing up to sell products and services on Jag Journey’s website is easy to do.

  1. Register at
  2. Choose the “vendor” package and fill out the required information
  3. Once approved and they have a Stripe account, they sign into their profile and start building their store by adding their products and services.

Other Features Available:

We are also offering vendors other services they can take advantage of for free as well. They are

  • Posting press releases and blog posts
  • Share products, press releases and blogs automatically to their social media pages using JagSocial Share
  • Free subscription to JagSocial small package allowing them to share info on social media
  • Webhosting for $2.99 per month at

Jag Journey, LLC is a startup tech company on a journey of growth, dedication, and discovery. We are a team that listens, responds and celebrates with businesses, chambers and nonprofits taking this journey alongside us as they are part of the jag “family.” Jag Journey launched in 2015 as WinnComm, LLC with a variety of services that included online marketing, public relations and web development only to change focus three years later with a suite of products and its SaaS solution called JagSuite.

If any company or nonprofit has any questions, they can email Jag Journey support team at [email protected].


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